2017 Down Under International

Sunday, 18 September 2016 Claire Reeves

Tournament dates and details

Dates for the first ever Down Under International Jugger tournament/s and road trip have been announced! We are pulling out all the stops to put on an awesome show in 2017. You now have a year to prepare your body.


Jugger Dates

23 & 24 September                 Brisbane          International rules tournament

28 September                         Newcastle        Group training session

30 September & 1 October     Canberra         Australian rules tournament

You can also join us for the road trip between Brisbane and Canberra where the locals will show you the sights.

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JUGGERS!! The 2017 Down Under International tournament is coming up quick and we have all the details for you!!
Each team will have the option to join in a large road trip down the gorgeous east coast of Australia starting in Brisbane and ending in Canberra. These are the dates for the tournament and plan for the road trip so far:

Our road trip begins with a tournament in sunny and warm Brisbane 23rd - 24th of September. This tournament will be international rules so all the teams can have some fun and play with a rule set closer to their own. We are also planning a few meet ups around this time so juggers can mingle and get to know each other, travel and sight-see.

From Brisbane our road trip will take the teams to areas down the east coast including a stop at the Gold Coast, famous for golden beaches and theme parks.

From there we continue down to Newcastle for a large training session on the 28th of September. At this training session teams will be taught Australian jugger rules, including the circle, extra pompfen types etc.

After Newcastle we head down to the capital of Australia, Canberra. The tournament dates for Canberra are the 30th of September to the 1st of October. You will be playing Australian rules against teams that have skills and tactics you haven't yet seen!

These are the key dates so you can make your plans. We will continue to update with details as we get closer to the tournaments. Currently we are looking into having drivers for teams and large meet ups in cities in between Brisbane and Canberra. There are also international teams that are organising their own transport so they can continue travel afterwards.


Register your team's attendance:
Opportunities for mercenaries to join teams are welcome and will be organised closer to the date.

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