Juggers on a Plane...

Thursday, 11 August 2016 Claire Reeves

...to the USA, NZ, Ireland and Germany

Winter 2016 has become the season for the Aussie Juggers to get their passports out and travel to meet other Juggers across the Globe. The Super Strayans took on the USA, SoulCake had a whirlwind visit to New Zealand and the Redbacks are beginning to spin their webs across Europe.

The Super Strayans, resplendent in orange, crossed the ocean and landed in Arizona, celebrated 4th of July in ‘Murica and made their way to Colorado where they placed 1st (!) in the Colorado tournament. You can find the nail-bitingly intense game against the Reapers on YouTube. Congrats Jamesy and Tom (Canberra) and Sammy and Sarah (Newcastle).

Meanwhile, SoulCake found themselves in Auckland with enough free time to drive a couple of hours north and be the first Aussies (but not the first International Juggers) to visit the players of the New Zealand Jugger League. While there may be some differences in game rules, SoulCake found the NZ Juggers to be friendly folks with a good appreciation of geekery and rum. Here’s hoping we see a NZ team at the DUI next year.

August and September are shaping up to be even bigger events on the Jugger calendar. Two Redbacks teams will be fielded in the Irish International Jugger Tournament and the 19th Deutsche Meisterschaft. We have some very competitive players again this year and a lot of sexy Redbacks jerseys to trade. Hopefully there will be time and wi-fi for updates on facebook/twitter for those who want to follow the tournaments and tour. That is, if we’re not too busy training, visiting old towns, catching European Pokémon and hanging out with the locals.



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