There's Jugger All Over The Place!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 A.L. Anderson

It's wall to wall in there; with Juggery goodness!

Following the sucess of the Newcastle Tourney earlier in the year, two more domestic tournaments have been announced to round out 2016.  And if that isn't enough Juggery goodness for you, both the Irish International and the DM are to be attended by Australian cohorts this year - strap yourselves in, we're in for  some chop!

July 3rd - Brisbane The Northern stronghold invites everyone to come participate in a friendly tourney to welcome three possible new teams - Q.U.T., Ipswich and Gympie (read more on the forums) - to the Jugger fraternity, as well as hopefully seeing the rekindling of the flames with some Highland Dragons.  With the established local teams to conted with it'll sure be exciting as well as a lot of fun as we welcome some new players into the fold.  All interstate competitors welcome as well - share the fresh meat, I say!

 20-21st - Ireland To be sure, the tenth anniversary of Jugger in Ireland is to be celebrated!  And what better way then by visiting the Emerald Island partaking in some of the local colour, local booze and playing in a huge Jugger tournament!
This tournament is looking to be damn exciting, with teams from not just Ireland but many from Germany, a couple from Spain and even an American and Canadian team signed up to attend thus far!  With many teams listing high in the world  rankings it's sure to be a highly competitve tournament and a great way for us to experience the thrill of playing some of the worlds best Juggers!  You'll be green if you miss it!

3rd-4th September - Germany  That's right folks, the big one, the Duetsche Meisterschaft, is happening in early September in Waidhaus, Germany.  Drachenblut have put out the call to host the German Masters this year and Australia has responded heartily, with at least two teams pencilled in to attend.  This tour is shaping up to be amazing with not just the DM itself but it's closeness to the border offerening an exciting array of possible travel locations before and after the tournament.  Remember folks, this is the World Cup of Juggerdom, a truly unique experience and one you don't want to miss out on!

1st-2nd October - Canberra  Although still in the early stages of planning, this will be the premier Australian tournament of 2016.  Canberra will play host to all comers and the far-flung reaches of Jugger Australia descend on the nation's capital to revel in The Way of the One True Dog Skull!  With a variety of new teams as well as the might of Skullduggery, Mountain Men, The Big Bad Bees and The Space Pirates et al. to contend with this will be one hell of a Dogtown Throwdown, so don't miss out!  Plus the winner gets (as the Mountain King, Keiren, puts it) "a shiny new mug".

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