Out with the old ...

Tuesday, 18 August 2015. - Haz

and in with the not so new.

Those lazy no-goodniks from last years executive committee have finally been overthrown! We of the indentured article writers collective would like to give a heartfelt welcome to the new committee and appeal to them for our freedom. So without any further ado allow us to introduce the new President ... oh frak. *reads rest of list* Oh no, oh no, oh no!

*ahem* Just a little humour there, right? Ha ha ... ha *gulp*

We of the indentured article writers collective have nothing but praise for the glory of last years executive and embrace their return. All hail the eternal reign of Wendy the Red Queen, may her rule be just and retain us our heads. Blessed be Aaron / Wolfie, the brave and fair Vice President. All hearts sing with joy at the continued financial care of our Treasurer Claire / Cake. Brief applause for the other one. You know, with things in his head, can't remember his name for the life of me.

Help. Please send help. They haven't feed us in months.

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DropBears Tour 2015

Tuesday, 30 June 2015. - Soul Smith

Part I: Mud. Glorious Mud. Glorious Metal. Glorious Juggers. 

The Australian DropBears joined a contingent of international Juggers as they descended upon Orebro (Sweden) for a Metal Festival and Jugger tournament. At the camp ground, new players were introduced and old players caught up. Adjacent to the camping grounds was a waterpark, which was pretty popular for its warming spa pools, hot saunas, water slides and other opportunities for silliness. Games of graveyard were played on a vacant hillside and, when the night’s chill drove everyone back to the camping areas, there was drinking, chatting and huddling for warmth.

Overcast weather and a very muddy trek to get to the field couldn’t stop the Irish and Australians from putting on a demonstration game the second day and heading out to the festival to watch bands, stomp in the mud or socialise in the gigantic beer tent that evening. It was, however, a very cold night. Upon getting back to the campgrounds, hot showers were on the top of everyone's agenda to warm up and dispel the mud. One stubborn Irish Icicle even required an intervention by Seamus, Haz, and Edwin, along with aid from Manu and his fur pelts, to deal with a mild case of hypothermia.

Sunday morning saw a bit more sun as sleeping bags and tents were packed and people headed north to find their little lakeside village for more Jugger. The tournament draw placed the DropBears, both the Irish teams, the local Swedish team and one german team in the same pool. Unfortunately the term “pool” was a little too accurate and a bucket was even used to remove some of the water from the field. Unsurprisingly, the field quickly turned into a large swathe of thick mud which made for some interesting play. Chains had to hop step as they span around and enforcers would surf the mud into the initial clash in the centre. 

The DropBears successfully faced down Gallowglass(Ireland), Järnfalkar(Sweden) and the Flying Juggmen (Germany) before failing to clip the wings of the Wild Geese(Ireland) and ending the group stage as second within the pool. The Australians then got a second crack at Tackle Tiger(Germany), who had beaten the Redbacks the previous year at the World Championships but were to fall under the weight of the DropBears. The win saw the DropBears face off against the formidable Zonenkinder (Germany) on the lovely dry field with the winners of this match going on to the final. This was a hard fought yet beautiful match. The DropBears took an early lead but the Zonies slowly clawed their way back to make it a neck and neck battle in the second half. Near the end, with teams tied and some long points played, the referees took the opportunity to announce that a golden jugg would be played if the stone count reached zero without either team scoring. However, the Zonies managed to grab a point and put it upon the DropBears to rally if they were to force a golden jugg. The stones were counting down, the Irish were hollering support, and the Aussies played valiantly but were not able to turn the final few stones into a point. The Zonies went on to the final while the Aussies faced off against the Irish, once again in the mud, to determine third and fourth place.

The DropBears came away from the tournament with fourth place, bellies full of BBQ (with samples of elk/moose on the menu), good memories and shoes that were more mud than shoe. Sincere thanks are owed Marcel and Manu for playing, and Ruben for organising.

- Haz

DropBears Part II: Mile High

The DropBears (with a partial change of line up) then made their way over to America to compete in an International Tournament hosted by Colorado Jugger League. Arriving early to get a feel for playing Jugger at a higher altitude, the Aussies got first pick of space to drop sleeping bags. Training events, games nights and a visit to another water park all happened in the lead up to the tournament. The Aussies also received a rather large order of gear from the Foam Forge, which looked spectacular in the green and gold cloth covers and felt even better in the hands. 

The tournament was run over two days. The first day saw the DropBears dominate their group against Homebrew White(Arizona), Riot(Berkley) and Corvus(Colorado) to be placed second seed behind the Wild Geese from Ireland. Group brackets on the second day saw the DroBears play Reapers(Denver) and Riot again. Not to be outdone by the American teams signalling readiness for a point with individual calls (Caw! Reapers! Good luck, have fun!), the DropBears made a call of their own – Not the face! After winning their group matches, the Aussies played a ‘first to three’ game against Erosion(Wyoming) to determine who would go straight to the semi-finals and who would have to battle it out in the quarter finals. The DropBears played their A-team line up and won three points in a row. A full match was then played when Erosion qualified for the semis. The DropBears prevailed again and made it to the finals undefeated to challenge the Wild Geese. Teams greeted each other with a chicken dance and then made their way to opposing sides of the field. By the end of 300 stones, the Dropbears had managed to score six points but the Wild Geese scored ten to take out first place. 

The 1v1 finals were played after the team tournament as the rain started to fall. Aussies put on a good show in the finals for Sword&Board, Dual Shorts, Longsword, Stab and the Open category. Clone won multiple first places. As we packed up in the increasingly heavy rain and drank the ‘Blood of Heroes’ beetroot beer from Riot, the number of Juggers wearing green and gold DropBears jerseys outnumbered the actual DropBears and looked fantastic. We all then headed to the pub for the awards ceremony, where medallions and plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd were handed out.

Thank you to Yoda for mercing for us and a massive shout out to everyone who came to the tournaments, socialised, played games and trained with us. A big “you’re awesome” to those who hosted Juggers in their homes and helped us get around the city. Special thanks to Miguel, Doug and Jack for their work organising this fantastic event. 

While in the USA, we also had Fiend running some Chain blocking training for the Berkley Juggers when he passed through California and a couple of Aussies on a podcast discussing Jugger in Denver. You can listen to Fiend and Jamesy chatting with Irish and Americans here:www.schwartzandmerc.com/?post_type=podcast. There is also a butt ton of video footage from the tournament on youtube: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGxLW8UnU...bn3qR0_pnStuiD22q5oS

- Cake

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2015 Brissie Tournament Results

Thursday, 16 April 2015. - Wendy

The results were:

Skullduggery (9) vs Mountain Men (7)


It was a wonderful day full of smiles and happy juggers! Big thank you to all of the organisers and their helpers for putting on such a wonderful event! The largest tournament Australia has seen so far!

Huge thank you to all the interstate visitors who travelled so far for this event, without you it would not have been such a success!

 2015 Bris tournament group photo


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2015 Brisbane Tournament Announced

Sunday, 15 March 2015. - Ben Droste

Juggers Converge on the North!

The 2015 Australian Jugger season is about to kick off in a big way with the first National Tournament of the year! The 2015 Brisbane Tournament has been announced and for the first time ever an AJL Tournament will feature teams from outside Brisbane and Canberra.



The gauntlet has been officially thrown down to The Newcastle Blitzkrieg and Toowoomba’s Highland Dragons. What’s more we have a new team representing from Brisbane in the form of the Flaily Wailies, and a reinvigorated Skullduggery making their return to the field. Canberra is yet to reveal their lineup, but a lot of familiar faces are already known to be making the journey north for the event.



One thing's for certain: The Mountain Men’s grasp on the Cup is going to be well contested! So make your way down to New Farm Park and experience what’s sure to be the Australian Jugger League’s biggest and best tournament ever!



2015 Brisbane Tournament

April 12, 2015, from 10am

New Farm Park, Brisbane


RVSP via the FaceBook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/799361523476526/

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2015 Jugger!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015. - Wendy

Jugger has begun for 2015 in Canberra, Toowoomba and Newcastle already with Brisbane looking forward to their first official game of the year on the 2nd of February. There are many exciting things happening in all things Jugger Australis!


January greets out first international jugger visitor with games in Brisbane on the 25th of January to show Austria how we play. 


2015 will be a year of tournaments with so few long weekends, cities need to claim dates for hosting ASAP. 


There are still rumours of Newcastle juggers visiting Brisbane (and Toowoomba) in February. Dates to be announced soon. 


Invasion of America *cough* TOURNAMENT in Denver, Colorado June 6th, planning is well underway - if you are interested in attending and have the money see the forum post. A side-trip to Sweden for the Metal Jugger fest the week before is on the cards for those with the cash! I highly recommend it - it is amazing!


New Zealand have asked for a tournament in the first half of 2015 - anyone interested in doing this or attending, the AJL national committee (Wendy, Wolfman, Cake, Haz) are organising this with juggeroz/Adam. 


Coming in with the new year is updated Spar Specifications. The work-in-progress has been open for comment for 2 months and is now in final stages. Ideally this will come into effect February. 


Fantastic news! A grant has been awarded to the Brisbane Jugger club. We are very proud to have received our first grant! Kudos to the people involved in making this happen. 

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Upcoming Jugger Events

Tuesday, 28 October 2014. - Claire Reeves

Special events are happening for the end of 2014 at different Jugger cities across Australia.  Players from everywhere are invited to attend with their own teams, as mercenaries, or just for the social side.  For more info or to ask questions, head over to the facebook pages of the hosting cities!


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World Masters Results 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014. - Claire Reeves


Congratulations to the Redbacks on their ranking in Villingen for the Jugger World Masters 2014! They came in 25th (top half!) and beat their ranking from 2012. 


A shout-out to the previously untested Set-backs.  59th out of 65 for a team formed by players from both north and south of the equator, some of whom had never met until just before the tournament.




The final four this year were:

Rigor Mortis 1(Berlin, Germany)               1st place
Tercios Espaniol (Murcia, Spain)              2nd place
Zonenkinder (Jena
, Germany)                  3rd place
Die Leere Menge (
Greifswald, Germany)   4th place


I can’t wait to see what new mini-games, techniques and spar construction tips come back to AussieLand with our players when they return to Brisbane and Canberra.


Well done, all!

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2013-2014 Review and Thank you!

Friday, 22 August 2014. - Wendy

Over the last year, many projects have been on the go for the Australian Jugger League that deserve a bit of recognition to the people who spent their time and effort to get them off the ground and happening successfully. I would like to take this stolen opportunity to do my best to ensure that everyone's help is recognised. Not everything is listed, I tried to group items as well. 

This should also help ...

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The New Management

Friday, 22 August 2014. - Wendy

The Australian Jugger League has waved farewell to the old structure and welcomed in new management along with a new structure. 


The Australian Jugger League Executive committee:


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August 2014 Update

Sunday, 10 August 2014. - Wendy

Things are heating up for Jugger in Australia!

We are now a National Registered Body - which means the club now operates nationally!


Our yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the 17th of August - nominations are in the forum (accessible only to financially paid members of the AJL). 


On the 23rd of August a contingent of juggers will be introducing Toowoomba to the glory of the One True Dog Skull. Check out the event for more details!


In September, two teams of Australian Redbacks will be competing in the World Championships in Villingen, Germany alongside teams from Spain, France, Ireland and players of other nationalities. 

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